LASIK for Athletes Growing Quickly

Cubs pitcher mentioned again that even though his name was on the final roster when it was released he won’t be pitching in the world baseball classic.

The right-handed pitcher has been bothered by an eye problem and is considering to get LASIK eye surgery. Houston LASIK eye surgery (lassie exp) helps with a variety of vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

A Houston LASIK surgeon advised that it is growing very quickly and interest among athletes as it allows them the freedom to see without being dependent on glasses or contact lenses.

If you or someone you know who was an athlete that can benefit from LASIK surgery please have them contact their local eye surgery provider.


Harris County Hospital District

The Harris County Hospital District in Houston Texas has in turning away on insured patients from other countries unless they are able to pay in advance or require emergency care.

It was mentioned that the new policy is one of several strategies the district is pursuing to prevent “cataclysmic” effects on patients as the state is considering cuts that could take nearly 10% of the entire districts budget. This cut should not effect the Lasik eye surgery Houston facilities.

Federal law mandates that if a patient goes into a hospital with a medical emergency they must be treated. However, many people go to the emergency room with very common and routine illnesses which does not fall into a medical emergency category.
During the last fiscal year treating uninsured and out of the country patients for non-emergency issues has cost the hospital district about $3.9 million. As you can see, this causes severe financial stress on our local hospitals and medical clinics. Laser eye surgery Houston is not expected to be affected by this issue.


Implantable Contact Lenses as Alternative to LASIK

Staar Surgical Company reported that a new implantable contact lens is now available to some candidates between the ages of 21 and 45. This new alternative to LASIK eye surgery can work for those who suffer from nearsightedness, have not already had LASIK eye surgery or any other type of refractive eye surgery, and do not have any type of eye disease in their history.

The reports have not determined if the surgery is permanent but your vision may require adjusting from time to time. It was reported that it is not possible to prevent the progression of nearsightedness, so if your vision continues to change LASIK Houston eye surgery may be able to correct it but it will not be cheap.

A Houston LASIK eye surgery provider mentioned that LASIK can cost about $2000 per eye. Whereas implantable contact lenses will usually run about $3000 per eye.