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There’s more to Friendswood than just a friendly name. It is also considered one of the best places in the Houston area to raise a family thanks to strong community, solid economy, prime location, affordable living, and good medical care, including services for LASIK eye surgery.

Throughout the town’s history, Friendswood has grown with a strong sense of community in mind. The Quaker settlers who founded the town in 1895 established a sawmill early on and utilized the local wooded areas to build the town’s first structures. In its early development, Friendswood’s economy was driven by the fig orchards that covered much of the region, including two fig preserving plants in the town itself. In the middle of the 20th century, the Quaker population began to welcome other neighbors into Friendswood, and it has now developed into a town of 36,000 people.

Most of the Friendswood economy is self-sustaining, with local residents living in the same area as their place of employment. Business Week called Friendswood one of the Best Affordable Suburbs in 2009, and many Friendswood residents like to stay close to home, as evidenced by the fact that most of the largest employers in the area are local businesses and governmental institutions.

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While Friendswood is mostly just a friendly residential area, it also provides prime location near Houston and the coast, which allows its residents to access laser vision correction close to home. Friendswood lies just 15 minutes outside the city and half an hour from Galveston beach, providing residents and visitors with a good mix of urban living and opportunities to explore the natural features of the coast.

Friendswood started very local, but it now provides easy access to modern amenities and services, including LASIK eye surgery for those who have trouble with vision. There are a number of eye care centers in the region, and if you would like to explore laser vision correction further, you should consult your local medical provider about LASIK surgery today.

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