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The Highlands is less a town than a state of mind. Of course, the Texas government doesn’t typically recognize “states of mind” as formal residential areas, so the town is instead called a census-designated place, although its attempts at incorporation in the past have been unsuccessful. Now, the area lies within close reach of Houston and all of its offerings, including LASIK eye surgery.

The Highlands were first developed in the early part of the 20th century, when the Beaumont, Sour Lake, and Western Railway arrived on the eastern bank of the San Jacinto River. Although the area opened a post office in 1929, its 1930 incorporation efforts were turned down.

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Business fluctuated over the course of the 20th century, as the population swelled from just a few hundred people in 1930 to its current population of about 7,500. Today, the Highlands is supported by Harris County services and facilities, although it has its own school system as part of the Crosby Independent School System. In addition, the Highlands and San Jacinto Community Centers provide recreational opportunities for Highlands residents, including play areas for children, basketball and tennis courts, exercise areas, and other public facilities.

In order to take full advantage of the Highlands’ view of the river and its opportunities for raising a family in southeastern Texas, it is important to have vision to match the surrounding scenery. LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that can provide great benefits for your vision, so if you have dealt with vision problems for a long period of time, you should explore LASIK eye surgery as a solution to your eyesight difficulties. The Highlands is located not far from Houston and its many medical facilities, so you should call your local eye center if you are interested in exploring the benefits that LASIK eye surgery can have for you.

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