Jacinto City

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Sitting on the eastern edge of Houston, Jacinto City is a family-centered community that has developed progressively from its agricultural roots. Today, Jacinto City provides a number of public offerings for its 10,500 residents, including medical services for procedures like LASIK eye surgery. Jacinto City is located just outside of Houston and just west of the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Park, which is the site of Texas’s final battle for independence.

Just over 2,000 families reside in quiet Jacinto City, which includes a variety of amenities to support the population. The city oversees four public parks, including a number of athletics fields, and the public also has access to a recreation center, a community center, and a youth activity center.

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While the area is mostly made up of subdivisions today, it began as an agricultural town in the 19th century. James Wyatt Oates was the original owner of the grant to modern-day San Jacinto, and the town was supported mostly by logging and ranching at that time. In the early 1940s, San Jacinto began to move toward suburban subdivisions, mostly supporting the families of shipyard and steel mill workers.

San Jacinto provides the ideal setting for raising a family in the Houston area, but it is impossible to enjoy the area without proper vision. If you struggle with poor vision, it may be time to explore opportunities for LASIK eye surgery. LASIK is a safe procedure that can help bring clarity and focus back to your eyesight, helping you take in the world in a clearer and better way. San Jacinto is located in a prime spot for medical care, with a variety of facilities offering LASIK eye surgery. Call today, and ask about how laser vision correction can help you.

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