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When it comes to the Houston area, few suburbs are quite as vibrant as Katy. This small town, home to just under 15,000 residents, is a bustling community centered on family, with a huge range of recreational, cultural, and economic opportunities in the area, in addition to access to medical care like LASIK eye surgery.

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The Katy region is divided into two parts: Old Katy and the Katy Area. Old Katy is the incorporated town, which first became official in the 1940s. Of course, the town has a much longer history than that. In reality, Katy has been settled since the middle of the 19th century. In those days, the area was called Cane Island, although it was very difficult to settle at first because of its climate. When the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad came through in 1895, Katy was changed forever. The town took its name from the railroad (MKT, which would later become part of Union Pacific), and a number of families came to work cotton, peanut, and rice crops.

The nearly 15,000 residents of incorporated Katy are joined by about 255,000 more in the surrounding region, although that land could one day be annexed by Houston. For now, the Katy area is host to a number of major businesses, including a BP center of operations, in addition to Igloo Corporation. A number of shopping areas have also facilitated fast growth in the area, which is expected to continue.

Katy is a vibrant town on the edge of Houston, and good eyesight is necessary for appreciating all that it has to offer. LASIK eye surgery can be the answer for those that struggle with poor vision, and Katy residents have access to a number of medical facilities that can provide laser vision correction. Call your local eye care center today to discuss LASIK in Katy.

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