La Marque

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La Marque, Texas fits the mold of a number of small towns in the Houston region, right down to the name. Before it was called La Marque, the town had been titled Highlands, for its position near Highland Creek. When the residents learned of another area already titled Highlands, the postmistress decided to rename the land and settled on La Marque, which means “the mark” in French.

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Today, the town is a relatively quiet small town of about 15,000 people, but it also has access to Houston’s services like LASIK eye surgery. At the start of its history, the town consisted of six families growing cattle and rice back in 1867. As the petrochemical industry took hold in the Houston area, it reached La Marque and spurred the area’s growth in the 1950s. The population had just reached four digits when the Union Carbide plant started to demand greater numbers of employees in nearby Texas City, and La Marque experienced significant growth over that period, to the point where the population reached 17,000 in the late 1970s.

The population has dipped back down slightly as real estate costs have risen and other towns have developed in the area. Still, La Marque offers a prime location near Houston and just over the water from Galveston, putting laser vision correction easily within reach.

There are also a number of medical facilities available near La Marque, with the Mainland Medical Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston providing all types of services. LASIK eye surgery can be a great benefit to those with poor vision, and it is a safe and effective laser vision correction procedure that numerous facilities offer. Looking into LASIK eye surgery may have you looking more clearly at everything in the near future.

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