Lake Jackson

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Tucked in between Houston and the waterfront to the south is a small town filled with trees and winding roads that wasn’t on the map at all 75 years ago. That town is Lake Jackson, a unique home to 26,000 residents that live nearby all of the services they might want from Houston, including LASIK eye surgery.

The town was developed in the early 1940s when the Dow Chemical Company began construction on its plant in the region. As the plant was developed, architect Alden B. Dow, the son of Dow Chemical founder Herbert Henry Dow, drew up plans for the town, which would serve as the home for the plant’s workers.

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Dow took the town’s name from a lake in the area, which in turn took its name from an antebellum plantation that had long since faded into the scenery. The town is one of the most unique in the area because of its layout: Very few of the streets in Lake Jackson are straight because the original map was drawn to keep as many trees standing as possible.

Lake Jackson has developed as a nice small town in the Houston region, complete with a number of retail options that attract thousands more customers each year and medical services like LASIK eye surgery. Lake Jackson sits in a nice location for families that want to enjoy a small-town feel with a bit of urban living, as it is just minutes outside of Houston.

In addition, residents of Lake Jackson have access to prime medical facilities. Those who want to enjoy Lake Jackson to the fullest should consider LASIK eye surgery, a safe procedure that can address vision impairment effectively. Contact your local eye care center today, and ask how LASIK eye surgery can help you clear up your vision and takes in the scenery of this classic Texas town.

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