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The City of Richmond advertises itself as being the place “Where History Meets Opportunity,” and perhaps no indicator of that is better than this: From 1949 to 2012, the city underwent significant changes and expansion, all overseen by the same mayor, Hilmar Moore.

Moore passed away in 2012, but the city continues to pride itself on its heritage and its continuing prosperity. The city is one of the oldest towns in the region, having been founded just a year after the Republic of Texas earned its independence, but it now gives residents the same access to services like LASIK eye surgery as the other cities in the region. The Richmond economy started out as an agricultural and shipping center, as the Brazos and Colorado Railway made its way through Richmond in 1855. At that time, Richmond was also home to a robust cotton growing sector.

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After becoming one of the region’s cattle centers, Richmond brought oil to its economy in the 1930s, operating as many as eight oilfields in 1934. That sparked modernization in the region, and the population has grown steadily over the last 80 years, reaching its current mark of about 11,700 people. The region continues to base much of its prosperity on rice farming and oil production, and it combines the charm of old-town Texas with a number of more modern amenities, including a Wal-Mart.

Just minutes from the OakBend Medical Center and other facilities around Houston, Richmond residents have easy access to a number of centers that offer LASIK eye surgery for those with poor vision. Eyesight is a major part of enjoying life, and those that have struggled with poor eyesight would do well to explore their options for LASIK eye surgery today. There are a number of laser vision correction facilities in the region, so call your local eye care center as soon as possible.

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