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As Stafford, Texas, deals with some changes to its economic landscape in the aftermath of the closing of Texas Instruments’ facility in the town, Stafford residents are looking to weather the storm on the strength of a strong business climate and a long history of development in the area. Today, its location still provides its residents with everything they might need, including LASIK eye surgery.

Stafford started off as one plantation (owned by William J. Stafford) in the 1820s. The town’s population received a spark when the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos, and Colorado Railway made its way through Stafford in 1853, although it wasn’t until several decades later that Stafford really started to take shape.

In the middle of the 20th century, an influx of immigrants boosted the population and provided the framework for what would become an incorporated town in 1956, during a period in which Houston was expanding and numerous towns were incorporating to avoid annexation.

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Stafford’s business climate has proven inviting for a number of companies, along with the nearly 18,000 residents of the town, many of whom could benefit from LASIK eye surgery. What had been an agricultural area through much of its history has become an attractive spot for businesses thanks to low taxes, including no municipal property tax.

In 2012, Texas Instruments announced that it would be closing its facility in Stafford, although a number of other companies and industries remain. In fact, Stafford hosts nearly a dozen valve companies, in addition to facilities for UPS and Tyco.

With its location just outside of Houston, Stafford is sometimes known as a commuter town for Houston. With that comes full access to the many premium eye care centers of the area. LASIK eye surgery can be extremely beneficial to individuals that struggle with poor eyesight. If poor eyesight is giving you trouble, call you local eye care center to learn more about LASIK eye surgery in the Stafford area.

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