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Is LASIK Eye Surgery a Good Choice?

In the development of modern methods in medicine, laser eye surgery is being preferred by more people rather than the conventional methods like the use of lenses and glasses. However subject to certain limitations, laser eye surgery, requires no age limit and is proven to be safe, fast, and effective. From the older ages to younger, Houston LASIK eye surgery can be a great answer for failing vision.

Reshaping the Cornea for Better Vision

We all know that for us to see, we need light.  Your cornea is one of the chief and most essential parts of your eyes. It is responsible for a lucid vision. Poor vision and other refractive errors like myopia and hyperopia may result from a damaged or abnormal cornea. For your brain to recognize the image, your cornea regulates the light coming through your eyes. Without the cornea, your brain will not be able to identify any image at all.

When cornea gets damaged, we tend to develop poorer vision.  It’s a given fact that our vision degenerates over time especially when we reach 50s and up.  Other than the natural degeneration of the eyes, there are other causes that worsen your vision.  These are:

–        Stress

–        Exposure to radiation or harmful UV

–        And special tissue conditions or abnormalities in the eyes

Genetics is another good reason for bad corneas. There are some people who are born with refractive errors. When your cornea is in bad condition – you may suffer from obscure and vague eye sight.  That is why it is important that as soon as possible, you should have your eye checked even though you think there’s nothing wrong with it.

Houston LASIK eye surgery was developed to correct the abnormalities in the cornea to achieve clearer and better vision. Surgeons use Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) to delicately reform the cornea for it to be able to produce clearer images by absorbing light properly. Laser surgeries are also conducted to sure other refractive errors such as astigmatism and cataracts.

Finding the right LASIK eye surgeon

However you need to remember that you have to find the best surgeon in your place. Minor mistake in the procedure may cause injuries or worst eternal loss of vision. Your surgeon should require you first to undergo series of test to verify if you qualify for Houston LASIK eye surgery.  If the doctor just accepted you without prior consultation and screening, doubt that person.