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Poor Vision and Modern Way to Correct It

We can never deny that our eyes also change as we grow in years.  Sometimes they negatively change until we nearly lose our vision.  Aside from the natural causes, there are other compelling reasons that contribute to poor eye sight.  It can be too much strain, exposure to harmful UV, or tissue abnormalities in the eye.

Good thing, we now have eye surgery procedures.  In the advancement of medical procedures, people are more lenient to laser eye surgeries compared to its predecessors – the use of lenses and glasses to correct eye refractions. Unlike the old methods, laser eye surgery has no age requirement. From your granny to you, LASIK Houston surgery can be a good solution for your failing vision.

Repairing the Cornea

In LASIK eye surgery, the focus is on the cornea because of the principle that damaged cornea or abnormal tissues may result to poor vision and other eye problems. For the brain to be able to interpret a clear image, the cornea moderates the light coming in your eyes. It’s like the shutter and the lens of the camera, if it’s functioning well, the pictures are clear, but if it’s malfunctioning, you’ll have bad pictures.   Poor vision can also be hereditary. There are some people who are born with refractive errors.   If your parents or distant relatives have poor vision, it’s very likely that you’ll have same condition too.  If your cornea is in bad shape – you might have hazy vision.

Houston LASIK eye surgery was developed to correct the abnormalities in the cornea to achieve clearer and better vision. To safely restructure your cornea, doctors and surgeons, uses Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation so it can suitably moderate light and produce clear images. Laser is also being utilized to treat varieties of refractive errors including hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, and even cataracts that are prominent especially to elder people.

When planning to undergo LASIK, you need to make sure that you only find the best surgeon. Minor mistake in the procedure may cause injuries or worst permanent loss of vision. Your surgeon should require you first to undergo series of test to verify if you are a good candidate for Houston LASIK eye surgery.