Health Assessment Test for Houston LASIK Surgery

Health Assessment Test for Houston LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a generally safe procedure.  Records show that success rate of Houston LASIK Eye surgery is high and people who experienced it were satisfied and happy with the results.  Aside from LASIK, eye doctors and experts recommend eye treatments using laser visual corrections.  They’re relatively painless and very convenient for patients.

LASIK surgeons make use of a very thin or transparent flap to cover the cornea, and then, will slowly remove it to expose the corneal tissues.  Once the flap has been removed, the surgeon is ready to correct any abnormality in the cornea, reshaping it to the perfect form.  The process takes in minutes and recovery of patients is typically fast.

However, not all patients are good candidates for LASIK eye surgery in Houston.  Before an individual undergo the treatment, he/she will go through tests and checkups.  The evaluation process will determine is the patient is in a physical condition that is fit for the operation.

What is the evaluation consists of?

Medical History- patients will be asked for their medical history most especially when it comes to their eyes.  Patients who have gone from a surgery already may still get Houston LASIK surgery, depending on his condition.

Current health condition- patients will need to tell their surgeons about their present physical health.  Usually, patients will be asked if he has diabetes, arthritis, and auto-immune diseases.

Medications- there are drugs that slow down healing.  Patients who are taking medications that may have negative effect with the LASIK surgery are discouraged.

Risks and Benefits- ophthalmologists will inform their patients about the pros and cons of LASIK.  People should understand that the surgery result may not always be 20/20 and there are complications that may affect their vision.  Complications are true not just in LASIK but also with other eye operations.  In LASIK though, these are very minimal and ca be treated using other methods of eye treatment.

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