Refractive Errors treated by LASIK Eye Surgery

Refractive Errors treated by LASIK Eye Surgery

Houston LASIK Eye Surgery is a widely acknowledged procedure in correcting refractive errors.  LASIK eye surgery is done by reforming the cornea which is the part that refracts light.  According to eye experts, the cornea is responsible for vision as it refracts the light necessary for a person to recognize an image.  LASIK is short for laser in situ keratomileusis.  The procedure makes use of a highly specialized laser called excimer.  LASIK Houston and Laser eye surgery is generally painless and the entire process only takes several minutes.

What Refractive Errors does LASIK treat?

Patients who are experiencing blurry vision, visual disorders and the like can undergo LASIK eye surgery in Houston.  Below are the common refractive errors that LASIK eye surgery can cure:

Nearsightedness or Myopia – people with this kind of refractive error finds it hard to clearly depict objects far from them.

Farsightedness or Hyperopia- this is the opposite of myopia.  Hyperopic people find it real hard to see images that are near to them clearly.

Astigmatism- this is one of the most common refractive errors common to people in all ages.  Astigmatism causes eye pain and people with this visual disorder have problems recognizing images either from far or near distances.

Both myopia and hyperopia can be temporarily cured using external lenses such as eye glasses and contact lenses that are specifically designed for such kind of vision.

LASIK can also be used to treat any blurry vision problems.

LASIK surgery Houston Tx is said to be very effective.  Patients who undergo this treatment are expected to have visual capacities and reduced dependency in external eye lenses.  However, LASIK is not an exception when it comes to side effect.  Common complications of LASIK are eye dryness, itchiness, eye pain, and blurry vision.  Complications though can be treated using another treatment and not all people who had their refractive errors corrected experienced such complications.

It is necessary that any one who wishes go through LASIK eye surgery takes time to find a very reputable ophthalmologist who is an expert in the said procedure.  The success of the operation is dependent on the surgeon.

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