What to Do after LASIK Eye Surgery

What to Do after LASIK Eye Surgery

In every medical surgery, the procedure does not end when the patient goes out of the operating room.  The postoperative period is a critical stage in every patient’s life.

If you are going after LASIK Houston Eye Surgery, you must know what to do after the operation.  You must also know that there are many things that your doctor will prohibit you from doing.  Don’t worry, the postoperative period is only temporary and you will be able to recover on the right time.  In LASIK eye surgery, you can speed up your recovery by knowing the things that you should and shouldn’t do.

In LASIK eye surgery, your cornea is reshaped by first creating a flap.  The tissues will be restructured by the surgeon to fix abnormalities.  So basically, in the healing process, you’re going to nurse your cornea back to health.  Good thing about LASIK is that you will rarely feel that you’re not yet fully recovered.  Often you may find your eyes itchy and dry.  But most of the time, you’ll feel as if you’ve never been into any surgery. Here is more information on Houston LASIK eye surgery cost.

The healing process takes a maximum of 2 years but generally, after 6 months, you’re not going to feel any discomfort.  The day after your surgery, you will have to visit your doctor every now and then for checkups.  This is very important.  The ophthalmologist will closely monitor your eye condition.

In any case you feel like your eyes are itchy, watery, or dry, you may need to use some eye drops.  You will not experience eye pain but a little bit discomfort.  After the surgery, your eyes will also be sensitive to bright images and extreme light because your cornea is still wounded.  Expect that your doctor will prescribe medications to you such as antibiotics and other drugs for speedy recovery.  You should not wear contact lenses and avoid wearing eye glasses.

Once your eyes have finally healed, you will notice that you will no longer need to use any external lenses just to see clearly.

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