Postoperative Stage in LASIK Eye Surgery and How to Deal with It

Postoperative Stage in LASIK Eye Surgery and How to Deal with It

Understanding how LASIK eye surgery works is necessary to prepare you for the entire procedure and knowing what to expect before and after the treatment is indispensable.

Before anything else, you want to know if eye surgery and Houston LASIK in Texas is safe.  Yes it is.  Laser visual corrections have the highest success rate among other medical treatments for eye disorders.  LASIK is painless and most of those undergoing LASIK eye surgery had their eye problems corrected.  Nonetheless, LASIK has risks that can get worse especially if you don’t know what to do after the operation.

The postoperative stage begins right after the surgery is done.  In this period, you are going to heal your eyes with the help of your doctor.  Prior the surgery, the surgeon will tell you what the benefits and consequences are.  You will undergo preoperative examinations to check if you are a good candidate for Houston LASIK eye surgery.  Once qualified, you may now be scheduled for an operation.  The procedure takes only minutes but the healing process may take years.

There’s nothing to worry about, after several months, you’ll not feel any pain or severe discomfort.  Common side effects would be itchiness, dryness eyes and blurry vision.  LASIK is by can be a fairly painless eye surgery. Here are some things that you need to do to ensure speedy and continues recovery:

•    See your doctor regularly for postoperative checkups
•    Don’t touch your eyes.  They are still wounded and may get infected
•    Using eye drops are advisable especially when you feel like your eyes are getting dry or watery
•    Never wear contact lenses
•    Take enough rest.  Do not stress yourself.  Stress may slow down recovery
•    Before taking pain killers, consult with your doctor first
•    Follow the prescribed medications of your eye doctor

LASIK eye surgery may bring complications but they can be easily treated using another treatment.  In any case you feel something different such as frequent eye pain and aberrations, eye dryness, distorted or blurred vision, immediately see your doctor. For more information visit our Houston LASIK blog.

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