Laser Eye Surgery in Houston: Facts, Benefits, Consequences

Laser Eye Surgery in Houston: Facts, Benefits, Consequences

What about Houston Laser Eye Surgery?  Since the invention of laser, many treatments were developed to cure serious health problems. Laser eye surgery is generally safe but of course, there are possible risks and evident side effects.  As a matter of fact, laser eye surgery is the best choice of men and women, young and old when it comes to eye care solutions.  For over 15 years, people from different countries rely on the use of laser in giving the, permanent cure for refractive errors.

Poor vision affects your life significantly.  It hinders you to doing paperwork well and all other important activities. More than half of people who experience poor vision find it extremely hard to cope with their condition and result in using contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses that sometimes just aggravate their condition.

What happens during the procedure?  Surprisingly, laser eye surgery only takes several minutes.  The complexity of the treatment is very evident but still, with the right tool, preparations and a credible eye surgeon, the patient doesn’t have to be scared of the laser eye surgery.  Generally, a thin flap is created on the surface of the patient’s cornea.  The cornea is then reshaped to correct abnormalities which basically cause eye problems.   Once the restructuring is done, the doctor can now let the patient go with proper medications and post operative care!

What can Houston Laser Eye Surgery do for you?  One of the benefits of Houston laser eye surgery is that it’s not painful at all!  Just a slight burning sensation on the eyes but it doesn’t really hurt at all.  The most common eye problems faced by many people are myopia, nearsightedness, cataract, and astigmatism.

What are the risks?  What do I expect after the surgery?  Recovery from the surgery is quick and easy.  Patients however, must take care of their eyes, avoid rubbing or touching them and do not get exposed to extreme sunlight.  After the procedure, the patient will go through the post-operative program for further eye care.  The doctor designs a program which consists of series of checkups and eye tests to check if the patient is healing accordingly.  After three weeks or so, it is expected that the patent will fully recover and do things normally.  Risks associated with laser eye surgery are very rare but it may range from petty itchiness, dry eye symptoms, to more blurry vision to the worst- permanent blindness.

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