Before and After LASIK Surgery

Before and After LASIK Surgery

When you choose to undergo LASIK surgery in Houston, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world and life. You will see clearer than you had ever imagined or can ever remember and will also look at your own self differently. Your face will take on a new look when free from glasses and your life will be filled with a convenience you never imagined. Of course, to make this procedure work for you as successfully as possible, you will need to be diligent about following your Houston LASIK doctor’s advice for the best possible outcome.

Prior to undergoing LASIK in Houston, you will have a thorough examination and consultation to learn if you are an ideal candidate for this popular procedure and what Houston LASIK surgery options work best to suit your individual needs. He or she will also give you very specific instructions on what to do in the weeks and days before your surgery takes place. If you are a regular wearer of contact lenses, you will be told to opt for that spare set of glasses you should always have around to give your eyes a rest and prep them for surgery. You will also want to avoid makeup for several days prior to the surgery and definitely wear no makeup, lotions or creams the day of your LASIK because any debris in the eyes can cause infection. This may seem like somewhat of an inconvenience, but is well worth it to get the desired clear vision results with little chance of unwanted complications.

The day of your Houston LASIK eye surgery you must have a ride home from your doctor lined up. Your vision will be blurry immediately following the procedure and there is no way you would be able to drive safely. You will still want to avoid makeup around the eyes until your doctor gives the go ahead. Other things to avoid include rubbing your eyes, contact sports and pools and hot tubs, as chlorine can cause unwanted irritations.  Again, this might disrupt usual habits and activities for a bit, but like your pre-op instructions, following post-op instructions to a tee is well worth it in the end.

Remember to schedule and keep the necessary follow up appointments with your doctor to make sure your eyes are healing correctly. Your vision is a precious gift and not something you want to play around with. And LASIK surgery can enhance that gift, so call us today to schedule a consultation and learn all the benefits this incredible modern technology can bring you.

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