Elderly People Developing Cataracts

Elderly People Developing Cataracts

Many older people who develop cataracts in their eyes do not choose to have surgery to remove them immediately. Perhaps the idea of any type of surgery scares them or maybe their cataracts are not severe enough to interfere greatly in their lives. Good ophthalmologists will not push Houston cataract surgery on a patient, because they do not damage the inner workings of the eyes. However, there may come a time when the cataracts have progressed so much, they do make every day living difficult and surgery seem to be the only answer.

Cataracts are caused by a buildup of protein on the lens of the eye that results in cloudy vision. Imagine seeing life through a dirty windshield and that is what it is like to see through eyes infected by cataracts. Eventually, these cataracts can become debilitating. Signs that you may want to consider surgery include not being able to drive safely, not being able to perform well at work anymore, interference with enjoying leisure activities like reading and watching TV or movies. Difficulty walking up stairs due to vision problems is another sign that Houston cataract eye surgery may be imminent.

If you do decide to have this surgery done, talk over all the details with your doctor. A well-informed patient is the best patient and a doctor who is up front with you and communicates well with you is one you can trust. Your doctor will explain how the procedure works and also help you decide which type of cataract surgery in Houston is right for you. In general, the process works by breaking up your infected lens via ultrasound waves and then removing the fragments. An artificial lens will be put in its place and eventually your vision will begin to stabilize. If cataracts are infecting both eyes, many doctors will choose to only operate on one eye at first and then the second one a few months later.

After cataract surgery, be sure to wear the dark sunglasses your doctor gave you, and also take any prescription eye drops as directed. Antibiotic drops are usually prescribed to help ensure an infection in your eye does not develop. Be sure not to wear any cosmetic products in the area for a few weeks and also avoid getting hot water or soap in your eye due to the chance of extreme irritation. Your new improved vision is a precious gift and following doctor’s orders is a way to keep it that way.

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