LASIK Surgery in Houston is Your Eye Care Solution

LASIK Surgery in Houston is Your Eye Care Solution

In the development of modern methods in medicine, people are becoming more interested to laser eye surgeries compared to its predecessors – the use of lenses and glasses to correct eye refractions. The good thing about laser surgeries is that it doesn’t require any age (though operations are restricted with certain conditions). From older people to the younger, Houston LASIK eye surgery can be a good answer for your eye problems.

Causes of Poor Vision

1.     Aging

We cannot escape the reality that as we grow older our vision also degenerates.

2.     External factors

Other than the natural degeneration of your eyes, there are other causes that worsen your vision.   It can be caused by too much stress or eye strain and exposure to harmful UV as well as radiation.

3.     Genetics

It is possible that you’re suffering from tissue abnormalities.  Genetics may be one of the reasons for poor vision. Some people from birth have refractive errors. When the cornea is not in the right condition – your vision might be always blurry and out of focus.

Houston LASIK Eye Surgery – Restructuring the Cornea

Cornea is the part of your eyes that works as light refractor. Damaged cornea or abnormal tissues may result to poor vision and other eye problems. For the brain to be able to interpret a clear image, the cornea moderates the light coming in your eyes. It functions like the shutter and lenses of a camera, if it’s functioning well, the images are clear, but if it’s broken, you’ll have blurry or exposed images.

Houston LASIK eye surgery was developed to correct the abnormalities in the cornea to achieve clearer and better vision. Surgeons use Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) to delicately restructure the cornea for it to be able to produce clearer images. It is also being used to cure and treat wide range of refractive errors even cataracts that has been burden for some, especially the elders.

Even so, finding the best surgeon is very important. Simple errors in the conduct of the procedure may cause complications or worst permanent loss of vision!  Your surgeon should require you first to undergo series of test to verify if you qualify for Houston LASIK eye surgery.

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