The Side Effects of LASIK Surgery

The Side Effects of LASIK Surgery

The speed at which LASIK surgery is performed may make it seem like a simple procedure with very few side effects. And indeed, you may not experience many at all. However, there are several side effects that your Houston LASIK doctor will inform you of before the procedure that you must keep in mind. They may not happen to everyone who undergoes LASIK in Houston, but being aware of them makes you an educated patient and it can also ease your mind to know these effects are normal if they occur.

First, know you will not see clearly immediately following your Houston LASIK eye surgery. Your eyes have just been through a traumatic experience and your vision will be fuzzy the day of the procedure. There will be improvement the next day, but your eyes will definitely not feel comfortable and will not be completely recovered as a full recovery may very well take months.

In the days following your LASIK surgery in Houston, your eyes may feel extremely irritated and may also have an itching and burning feeling. You may find that your eyes are red and blood shot and may also experience an extreme sensitivity to light. It is also not unusual to see haloes or what some might call “floaties” before your eyes, as well as what appear to be starbursts and glares. These visual are most common in a brightly lit room, but can happen anywhere.

Dry eye is another common side effect of this procedure in the months following Houston LASIK surgery. You may find excess crusty mucus after a night of sleep and even may experience excessive tearing that can cloud your vision temporarily. It is of the utmost importance that you diligently use the artificial tears that have been prescribed by your LASIK doctor to keep your eyes lubricated. This also helps with any burning and irritation you may be feeling. Also, do not do anything that can irritate the eyes any further. Avoid rubbing them no matter how strong your urge is to do so. And, do not use any eye makeup or creams for several weeks as these can also irritate your recovering eyes.

The good news is that these side effects usually lessen over time. Do not be alarmed if they continue for months, but you will most likely find that the occurrences are less and less as these months go by. However, if the symptoms to not decrease or even get worse, it is imperative that you call your Houston LASIK doctor immediately for an appointment.

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