Your LASIK Post-Op Needs

Your LASIK Post-Op Needs

You may hear your friends talking about how simple and easy LASIK surgery is. And the procedure really does seem to be just that. It is over so quickly that you may be completely surprised by the speed, but just because it seems simple, that does not mean there is much care that needs to be taken after the surgery has been completed. Your Houston LASIK doctor will explain to you the post-operative instructions you must follow to ensure the best outcome for your vision.

Immediately following your Houston LASIK eye surgery, do not be surprised when your vision is extremely blurry. Your eyes have just been through a trauma, and although it was a positive trauma, it is still something they need to recover from. You will not be able to drive yourself home and will have to have made arrangement for a ride from your Houston LASIK surgery center beforehand. You will also be required to wear specialized dark glasses that you often see on cataract patients. This shields your eyes from ultraviolet sunlight rays and protects them, as they are very vulnerable following any eye surgery. The best advice is to wear them for at least a month following the surgery when you are outdoors to get the best results. This includes the very next day, when you visit your LASIK doctor for a post-op exam.

You will also want to rest your eyes that day as much as possible. Try napping if you are able to fit it into your schedule after leaving your Houston LASIK eye surgery doctor. The more rest your eyes get, the quicker your vision will become clearer. Also, in the weeks following the surgery, avoid any contact sports and heavy exercise. Other things to avoid for several weeks would be hot tubs and swimming pools, as chlorinated water can severely irritate your eyes. You also do not want to wear makeup around your eyes for several weeks, not put any lotions or creams on your face in that area. Keeping your eyes clean is of the utmost importance. You will also be prescribed artificial tear drops and other eye medications after undergoing LASIK surgery in Houston. Take them exactly as directed as they can ease any discomfort you have and also help you avoid any infections.

If you are considering LASIK in Houston, call us today for a consultation. You will learn if you are the perfect candidate for the procedure and any doctor recommendations suited for you for before and after this amazing life-changing experience that can open your eyes to a whole new beautiful world.

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